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Also included in a book "DanDoh Designs- Modern by Choice". 


Sizes: S/M [L/XL]


Yarn: DanDoh Cotton Tape

S/M[L/XL]: 5 [6] skeins


Level: Intermediate


This garment is a poncho-like top, or a poncho, depending on how you want to finish it. It is a simple shape (two rectangles and one trapezoid), with different stitch patterns for each section. Also the construction is simple. Make one square shape with two rectangular sections that have different stitch patterns. Then work another section from the edge of the rectangle shape. Working the trapezoid is easy, using only knit and purl sts with decrease to create the shaping and complete the garment.


Size information: It is unusual in shape and difficult to tell you the difference between the smaller size and the larger size. But the difference in the width of the rectangular section, which is half of the body, is 4 inches 
total. Also, the Sleeves and the length of the Body are 1 1/2” different. I asked some people of different sizes to try on this garment, and the smaller size fit women with sizes S-M bodies, and the larger sizes fit size L-XL .