Ribbon Weave

This pattern is included in a book

DanDoh Designs "Breathe Modern".


A Kit (pattern and yarn) is available here


Skill Level: Intermediate


Finished Measurement:

24" width, 64" long


Yarn: DanDoh Silk +


5 skeins, French Blue


This simplearment can be worn asa showl, a poncho or a cape.

The knitted fabric is a combination of stockinette Stitch pattern and the Swirls Stitch pattern, and the Swirls Stitch pattern sections vary in width, creating an asymmetrical look.

One edge is wave from the Swirls Stitch pattern. and Other long edge has clean, Straight Stockinette Stitche with eyelets to be used as nutton holes. It is easy to adjust the width and length for your preference.