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Also included in a book "DanDoh Designs- Modern by Choice". 


Finished Sizes: XS-S [S-L, L-XL] 
Width: 25 ½ [27, 28 ½] inches 
Length: 19 [21, 22 ¾] inches



Prune Top: DanDoh Linen  5 [5, 6] skeins 

Green Top DanDoh Cotton Fine 

2 [2, 2] skeins of each 2 colors (knit with two color held together)


Level: Intermediate


These Poncho-like garments are made by knitting one piece of fabric, then grafting one edge and seaming another to create a neck opening and one armhole.

This is the same shape as my other design "Mirage". But it was worked different stitch pattern for the main body.