This feminine poncho has two lace stitch patterns - straight eyelet mesh and wavy lace. These two different types of lace show off each other well.

You can wear this poncho with the seam on the shoulder or in the center of back. The lace patterns show more when you wear it with the seam in the center of back. Seaming the underarm is your choice if you prefer a pullover-like poncho, and it will be a more fitted style.

This poncho is all about pattern. The wavy shape is created by the Body Stitch pattern. The Body Stitch pattern includes an eyelet mesh along one edge, a stockinette stitch pattern in the center, and wavy lace along the other edge.

Sizes  Smaller [Larger] 

The Smaller size is seamed on two sides, top and left, creating an armhole, with the top seam worn on the left shoulder. Shown in Black Natural.

The Larger size is seamed on one side, top, with the seam worn in back. Shown in Ecru Natural .

Finished Size 

Width: 24 [27]”, Length: 18 [22]”

Yarn  Linen  4 [5] skeins  (shown in Ecru Natural and Black Natural)

Needles  US10 / 6.0mm needles