About Designer, Yumiko Alexander

I was born in Japan. I have always loved to design, knit and crochet, and I love to wear what I have made. I sold my finished garments in Japan, but I liked to keep what I made.


I started sharing my designs with knitters and crocheters after I moved to the US. I have enjoyed seeing people how knit and crochet imbue my designs with their ideas of color, fiber and style. One design can be so different based on what people choose. It is so much fun to see what happens and to connect people with what we like.


I love creating knitted and crocheted fabric. There is endless pleasure in exploring how the texture of the yarn plays with the textures of the stitch pattern. I love texture as much as I love working with the colors. The yarn tells me how it wants to be worked. I will keep the shape of garments simple enough to enjoy and show the interesting fabric that you make by hand.


I hope you enjoy leafing through the book and that the designs will speak to you enough that you wish to create one in your colors, your way so that you too can enjoy knitting as I do.